The Dapper Dog Fiber Company, originally entitled, “Alive with Purpose”, was founded in 2019, with a two-fold intent: to offer beautiful, hand dyed yarns and support mental health causes in the state of Minnesota. The company name was pinpointed as a means to reinforce the fact that all persons, regardless of diagnosis, are indeed, “Alive with Purpose”. The success of AWP was such that much-needed break was required to regroup, reevaluate and to eventually continue with the offering of truly one-of-a kind yarns while also adding some additional new products.  The name, “Alive with Purpose” was changed to “The Dapper Dog Fiber Company” as a two-fold means to alleviate confusion surrounding the company name not immediately relaying product information and to also rebrand as a fun company that provides exceptional fiber arts products. 

The Dapper Dog Fiber Company continues with AWP’s mission to support mental health causes in the state of Minnesota and beyond. Fiber care packages are offered during the month of May (with the exception of 2022) to individuals who use the fiber arts to cope with mental health needs.  Additionally, DDFC provides yarn to a local, New Hope, Minnesota, “Knitters and Stitchers” group that makes cold-weather clothing items, year round, for people in need. The majority of those receiving these items are homeless and have mental health diagnoses. 

Toffee, the official mascot of The Dapper Dog Fiber Company